Keys, Strings, Winds, and Skins


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musical force of nature

Dayan (“DAY-uhn”) Kai is a true force of musical nature. He has marveled at and studied every instrument he could find from a very young age. Since then, his classical and jazz training on various instruments, combined with a penchant for exploration, has led him to study and master a vast array of music over the past decades including blues, jazz, Americana, Hawaiian, bluegrass, Latin, reggae, world, funk, and much more. 

With the release of his new album, “To Be Free,” Dayan Kai moves into a minimalist essence with his stunning vocals rising out and above the acoustic guitar. His songs touch the deep chords of our humanity and connect us to ourselves and each other. 

Dayan Kai’s virtuous musicality and soulful voice combined with his deep insight into the human condition make him a beloved singer/songwriter and top-notch band member. He is a favorite at many musical festivals. 

Dayan Kai currently resides on the island of Maui where he was born.  

"Dayan Kai's supersonic voice is big enough to cause a tidal wave one minute and rich enough to turn a choppy sea into a clear lake the next. And then there is the phalanx of instruments he has mastered and the stunning song craft. Dayan Kai is a talent mightily personified and an absolute joy to experience." ” - Tom Miller


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