Dayan Kai To Be Free 

 "To Be Free" is a pristine live, in-studio recording featuring Dayan Kai's stunning vocals and mastery of the acoustic guitar. Recorded at Wind River Studio and engineered by Keith Greeninger.

Available on CD from CD Baby, as individual MP3s from iTunes, Spotify, and other platforms. 



Resonate album cover

"Resonate" is an acoustic album, recorded to 24-track 2” analog tape and engineered by Grammy-nominated Cookie Marenco. All songs were recorded live to tape except for a few on which Dayan recorded instrumental overdubs. All vocals were live during the performance.

"Resonate" is available on CD from CD Baby, as individual MP3s from iTunes, and as uncompressed wav files from




  "Make It Rain" captures Keith & Dayan in a live an unedited format, encompassing 10 years of collaboration. It's an 'Extended Sound Environment' recording that truly does justice to the phenomenal singing & acoustic playing of this dynamic duet.

Available online at CD Babythe iTunes Store, Spotify and more. 



An American gospel retrospective feat featuring contemporary, jazz, blues, and country gospel. 

Available online at CD Baby, the iTunes store, Spotify and more




Melodious, catchy, and insistent. Multi-instrumentalist Dayan Kai joined by Steve Uccello on upright and electric bass and John Thigpen on drums. 


Special Event 14

A special Blue Coast Records release of a five-track solo performance including a solo take on Jesse Winchester's "That's What Makes You Strong."

You can listen to all five tracks in their entirety and and order from Blue Coast Records.

The First 12 Years

A journey thru jazz, folk, Americana, country & blues as it filters into Kai's prolific songwriting, creating a genuine mix that evokes emotion and crosses cultures.

Available on CD Baby, iTunes








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