Keith Greeninger
Santa Cruz singer/songwriter. Frequent collaborator and musical partner with Dayan.

Steve Uccello
The Bass-Bird. Musician, songwriter, composer and longtime collaborator with Dayan.

JL Photography & Design
Julia Held and Lance Miller are the fantastic photographers. They've captured many of Dayan's shows on film

Juan L. Sanchez Ensemble
Spanish-born singer, songwriter, and educator. Dayan met his wife Angell when they both worked in the Juan L. Sanchez Ensemble.

Michael Gaither
Central California coast, Americana singer, songwriter, and storyteller. Also produces/hosts the "Songs and Stories" podcast.

Mitch Barett

Nancy Cassidy
Singer/songwriter, as well as Folk and Children's artist. Dayan has worked Nancy for other ten years.

Steven Graves
Award-winning singer/songwriter. Dayan has produced Steven's last four records.

Other Dayan Projects

Ohana Kai on Indie Air Radio
Dayan's Weekly Online Radio Show

Dayan Kai on Blue Coast Records
Special Solo Tracks

Blue Coast Records (Keith and Dayan's section)
Keith Greeninger and Dayan Kai are Blue Coast Artists

Fire Times
Steve Uccello-produced release that features Dayan and the UK's Steve Lawson.

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