"Keys, Strings, Winds, and Skins"

Welcome to the official web site of Dayan ("DAY-uhn") Kai. Dayan is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter, vocalist, and producer with a lifelong dedication to music. Equally versed in jazz, blues, world, Americana, bluegrass, folk and rock, Dayan demonstrates a depth of musicality that bridges cultural and musical worlds.

Dayan Kai is currently available as a performer, session artist, producer, and instructor (learn more). He's also available for private events.

Dayan Kai hosts a weekly radio show, "Ohana Kai" on Indie Air Radio. He plays music reaching as far back as his grandparent's 78 rpm records to music which he has discovered as a musician, producer, engineer, and that which has influenced him while living in the Pacific Rim. You will hear old favorites, new discoveries, a bit of comedy, and news that’s important to the global Ohana ("family") of the future. The show airs Fridays at 3pm and again at 8pm Pacific time at indieairradio.com (also available via podcast). 

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Listen to Dayan talk about "Resonate," his latest record on "Songs and Stories" Episode #129

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